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Law firm in Neuchâtel

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Law firm in Neuchâtel

About Frôté & Partner

Founded in 1936, Frôté & Partner, a firm of lawyers and notaries with offices in Biel, Neuchâtel and Solothurn, has developed considerable expertise in assisting SMEs and family businesses. In particular, we offer specialized services in the following areas:

Frôté & Partner’s support also extends to all areas of the law. The firm’s lawyers defend your interests in private law, public law, criminal law, commercial law and banking and finance law. Our services are available in English, German, French and Italian.

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Why call on us?

Multilingual law firm

Frôté & Partner is a multilingual law firm, with offices in Biel, Neuchâtel and Solothurn. Our customers’ files are handled in French, German, English and Italian.


Our services are provided by experienced and, in some cases, highly specialized staff.

Regional roots and international experience

Our employees have strong regional roots as well as extensive international experience.

Impeccable ethics

Our corporate governance ensures the highest ethical standards.

Law firm in Neuchâtel

Areas of expertise

Active in all the main areas of law, the lawyers at the Neuchâtel office are available for any request requiring the intervention or advice of a lawyer or jurist.

Our expertise covers the following aspects, among others:

Labour law disputes

Defending your rights in the event of an accident or claim

Review of official disability pension decisions

Defending against complaints and whistleblowers

Checking that a construction project complies with the law

Advice on bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings

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Our extensive network of partners and the pooling of our skills with Dynafisc Frôté and Schoeb Frôté SA, with whom we offer global services under the F&P brand, enable us to extend our range of services to include tax expertise, financial consulting, administrative management and asset management.

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Frôté & Partner

The law firm develops tailor-made solutions for any legal issues you may encounter, offering you extensive expertise in resolving your legal problems.

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Ethics and Expertise

The law firm’s natural respect for its clients and its willingness to listen to their needs lead it to act exclusively in their interests. Our services, offered in French, German, English and Italian, are backed up by experienced and, in some cases, highly specialized staff.

For three generations, Frôté & Partner has been firmly rooted in the region, but with extensive international experience. Our governance and rigor ensure an irreproachable level of ethics, entirely devoted to the quality of the advice given to our customers.

The firm’s lawyers offer a full range of services, enabling us to provide you with tailor-made expertise, whether general or specialized, to meet your specific needs in every area of the law.

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