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Notary office in Biel

About Frôté & Partner

Active in all major areas of law since 1936, and with offices in Biel, Neuchâtel and Solothurn, the Frôté & Partner law firm offers the following notarial services.

In particular, our notaries work closely with banks, lawyers, other notaries, insurance companies, trustees, architects, surveyors, tax experts and the authorities.

Notaire Bienne

Why call on us?

Multilingual law firm

Frôté & Partner is a multilingual law firm, with offices in Biel, Neuchâtel and Solothurn. Our customers’ files are handled in French, German, English and Italian.


Our services are provided by experienced and, in some cases, highly specialized staff.

Regional roots and international experience

Our employees have strong regional roots as well as extensive international experience.

Impeccable ethics

Our corporate governance ensures the highest ethical standards.

Notaries in Biel

Made-to-measure success

We take care of all your business and personal affairs, including legal research, negotiation management, authorization procedures, and the filing of documents and objections with the authorities.

Thanks to our collaboration with the lawyers of our firm and the companies Dynafisc Frôté and Schoeb Frôté SA, under the F&P brand, we are able to extend our range of services to include tax expertise, financial consulting, administrative management and asset management.

These synergies enable us to offer you tailor-made solutions, designed to meet the varied needs of both professionals and private customers.

Notar Biel-Bienne

Consult a notary in Biel

Frôté & Partner

Our notaries, qualified in the required language, will assess your request, check availability, and ensure there are no conflicts of interest before proposing a first appointment.

The role of a notary in Biel

Right and Duty

The notary’s role is to act as your legal advisor in all circumstances. We can advise you competently, quickly and conscientiously on all legal issues.

In the Canton of Berne, notaries are a liberal and public profession, independent of the administration and the judiciary. We carry out our activities without instructions, for our own account and under our own responsibility.

We represent our customers’ interests fairly and neutrally. We also mediate between parties to avoid or resolve conflicts. The law firm Frôté & Partner is bound by professional secrecy.

Notaires canton de Berne

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